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Meet Hunter..

Updated: Apr 2, 2019



In order to really understand the pain that comes with grief, you have to know the person you're grieving. Hunter Syddall was 18 when he died racing motocross. Hunter was the baby in a family of 5. If you asked him or anyone else that knew our family, Hunter was the favorite. Not only was he the baby, he was the only boy my dad always longed for. When talking about Hunter it’s difficult for me because he has so many admirable and amazing qualities that I don’t really know where to start.

One of my favorite qualities Hunter had was his sense of humor. He had the most unique laugh that you could hear in a crowd. He could always tell a good joke or carry a sarcastic attitude that was always funny. I miss his sense of humor more than anything and would do anything to hear that laugh again. Hunter also had a zest for the outdoors and hunting. Duck hunting the river was his favorite thing to do. it was a hobby he shared with my dad and younger sister. It was also something he taught others how to do and was a mechanism he used to include people in. Hunter as a young kid was always involved with and loved sports. When Hunter was in the 1st grade my mom and dad signed him up for wrestling. He actually went to a tournament and won his matches; however, my dad couldn’t handle watching him getting thrown around on the mat so that ended quickly. The next athletic adventure was baseball, as he was sliding into home base when the ball was thrown home and hit him right in the eye. After that he was too scared of the ball to play baseball. There are a lot of sports Hunter tried, golfing was also on the list, but after a cell phone and golf club ended up in the pond that also led to another ending. Hunter would always say he was made to play basketball. When he got cut from the middle school all-star team he was devastated little did he know it led to a big turning point in his life. Hunter may have thought it was the end of the world, but it actually brought him to find the real love of his life, motocross. From the first race on his 85 KTM in Huntington, Utah his motocross career took off. He found his talent.

Nothing could stop him. Hunter was obsessed with racing motorcycles and it played the biggest factor in his life. He trained and put everything into his bikes. Racing may have taken his life, but it is also what gave him life. He begged my parents to let him chase his dream and they always did. He chased his dreams and passions in motocross up until the day he was killed. Although motocross was a big portion of Hunter’s life, there was so much more to Hunter.

The biggest part of Hunter was the way he treated others and the way he made those around him feel. He made everyone that associated with him feel special and important. When we pass I truly believe that we will be judged according to how we made people feel and I am confident to say that my brother made people feel happy and special. I knew Hunter and I was close to Hunter, I just never knew the power he had and the miracles he was creating. It wasn’t until after Hunter passed away that people started coming forward with experiences they had with him. Hunter created miracles for people without boasting or bragging or even talking about it. He created miracles by simple acts of kindness. For example he would take time to really talk to people, compliment them sincerely, visit the elderly, save seats for special needs children in assemblies, take people to lunch, offer people rides home from school and so much more. Hunter cared for people in a special and effortless way. He is my hero and my inspiration. I strive to care for people the way he did. The best way to describe Hunter I could come up with is through using his name.

H-the H in hunter is for Hero, because that is what Hunter is for not only me, my family and his friends. Hunter is a hero. He was the first one to volunteer to help (except at home, he didn’t not believe in chores). He befriended the lonely, uplifted the sad, and encouraged the weak. I’ve had multiple people tell me that hunter always rooted for the underdog. He had a unique way of including the outcast. Hunter is my hero for a lot of things, but this simple act means most to me.

U-U is for unwavering. Hunter is known for a sense of humor and riding dirt bikes but another huge part of Hunter is hi faith in his savior and Heavenly Father. I have never met a more spiritual kid. When Hunter started racing the races are usually Friday-Sunday. I never have a memory of being at the track on a Sunday. My mom and Dad always taught Hunter that Sunday was a special day of worship and although they taught him that, they never had to enforce it with him. Not racing on Sunday and keeping the Sabbath day holy was important to Hunter and a decision he made each weekend on his own. No matter how important the race was or how many points it gave him he never questioned whether he should race it or not. Hunter would find another race on another date to race even if this meant traveling 16+ hours states away. Hunter would travel to another state to attend the important race before he raced on a Sunday. Hunter wasn’t only unwavering in his faith and the way he lived the gospel but he was also unwavering in character. He never changed who he was no matter who was around or what he was doing. He was always Hunter.

N-Nice. One of the most common quality I’ve had people say about Hunter is that he is nice. Hunter has always been tender hearted and it led him to treat people kindly. He always felt bad for people and wanted to go out of his way to make them feel special or important. When we pass I truly believe that we will be judged according to how we made people feel and I am confident to say that my brother made people feel happy and special.

T-the t is for teammate. It may seem weird for hunter to be a teammate in a sport that only consists of one rider competing, however, Hunter was still a teammate to those that rode with him. Hunter always supported his friends and offered tips of advice even if it meant they would beat him. I watched Hunter put his arm around countless riders and tell them “go get em”. I’ve had multiple people tell me Hunter helped them with their suspension, technique, or just offer any help he could. Other riders are supposed to be competitors but in Hunter’s eyes they were always friends and teammates. He always cheered on his fellow riders. Although hunter never played any sports with his friends I still consider him their teammate, because he loved supporting them. He loved watching his friends do their best and was excited for their wins.

E- example. I am the oldest sister, which makes me the one that is supposed to be the example but the truth is Hunter is the example in the family. Hunter set the best example of kindness and faithfulness. I look up to Hunter for the way he carried himself and for the knowledge he already had at the age of 18. Hunter was an awesome example to everyone. About a month or so before Hunter passed me and my husband had the opportunity to go boarding with Hunter and Jessie Nay. I remember after getting off the lift at the top of the mountain Brandon and Jesse had gone a little ahead to strap in their boots and I stayed behind with Hunter. As I got done strapping in I looked back to see how much longer Hunter was before he was ready to head down the mountain and I will never forget what I saw. In the middle of everyone Hunter was standing their with his arms folded and is head bowed saying a prayer before we started the day. He didn’t care who was around him or who saw him. He stayed like this and said a full prayer before we started the day. I never even thought to pray before boarding and after I saw him doing it I quickly said one in my head and caught up to him, but that’s the kind of person Hunter is. He set the example, before every race when lined up at the gate you knew which kid was Hunter because he head was always bowed. He prayed before every race and didn’t care who saw him.

R- is far racer. Hunter is a racer. Hunter had a passion for riding bikes ever since a toddler. Before Hunter got on a real bike he played with the toy bikes all of the time. He took those bikes everywhere we went. I watched riding shape Hunter into who the person he was. It gave him confidence and purpose. Racing was so much more then just winning a trophy or plaque to Hunter, it brought him so much happiness and made him whole. I found a planner in Hunter’s backpack and as I was looking through it the only thing in it were the dates of races. No homework deadlines, no doctor appointments, just races. It was everything to him.

Although Hunter was good at riding and was good at hunting, I’ve noticed that isn’t what people talk or remember about him. I have had a few people tell me how fast hunter was but most people have came up to me and tell me how good of a person he was. Hunter was funny, an awesome rider, and great duck hunter, but he was an even better person.




Brandon Garnier joined the Syddall family on March 25th 2017 when he married Shailee.

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